Exploring Death brings death front and center...

There is no fear, no stigma and no shame around this most sacred topic. Lisa Jones, will be discussing death and all the miracles that surround the event, as well as showcase people's near death experiences. From the supernatural to the super mundane, like how and why to get your will written, will be covered in upcoming episodes. 

  • Conversations with death doula's.
  • Understanding near death experiences.
  • Channeling messages and energy from the other side.

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If you're afraid of death or just interested in it's mystery this is the show for you. Get ready to explore conversations and see death as something of beauty and wonder.

About the Host, Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones, the host of Exploring Death has a unique perspective on death as at the age of 37 she shared a death experience on the night that her husband died. She saw the other side and it opened her eyes to a whole new world and now wants to explore death from every facet.

Outside of the media world, Lisa lives in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. You'll often find her teaching yoga, meditating on the beach and spending time with loved ones around her. She is the author of Art of Living Happy and is known as the Millionaire Medium in business circles.

Check out what other people had to say about the podcast...

"I don't know anyone who is more connected to spirit through their head, who has her feet so deeply grounded on the earth, yet expresses herself so lovingly through her heart and with such passion using her voice".

Peter L. Ferrio, President. Business Technology, LLC.  

"Lisa's acutely sensitive insight uncovered a long-forgotten incident that had been holding my prosperity hostage. Since her work, I've launched a program that grossed over 5-figures. I know that her prayers, clearing and energy helped unlock the door for my success."

Samantha Bennett. The Organized Artist Company.

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